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Summer 2024 Newsletter

Welcome to our Summer 2024 Newsletter and with the sun comes news of Sea Shanties and our fabulous Music in Hospitals training.   


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Spring Sparky.jpg

Spring 2024 Newsletter

Welcome to our Spring 2024 Newsletter featuring The Sparky Parkies Panto and some future events to look forward to.   


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Winter 2023 Newsletter

Welcome to our Winter 2023 Newsletter.  We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2024.   


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Spring 2023 Newsletter

We are delighted to bring you our latest Spring Edition of Aureole Music News.  This edition will keep you up to date with our current projects, Sparky Parkies and Monday Melodies together with the exciting news of new team members and a branding refresh.   


Click here to read all about it Aureole Spring Newsletter 2023


Christmas Newsletter 2022

We wish all our Friends a very peaceful and happy Christmas.  It’s time to kick your feet up, grab a minced pie and catch up with our Christmas newsletter.

Christmas Newsletter 2022


Autumn Newsletter 2022

Autumn’s here and we have a new season ahead with lots of exciting news for you. Click our Autumn Newsletter to read all about it!

Autumn Newsletter 2022


Summer Newsletter 2022

Summer is here and we are loving it! People are singing together, choirs are back, festivals and concerts are all up and running and life seems relatively normal!

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‘It’s a Long Way Around St Mary, It’s a Long Way to Go!’ Walk the Parish Boundary of St Mary on 24th April.

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We are still feeling the warm and fuzzy feelings of our Jingle Bell Dash! Every time we look at the video, we remember that amazing day, when the

door just kept on opening and more and more singers came in to participate in the Jingle Bells film.

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