Choir News

The Road Home

The Road Home by Stephen Paulus has attracted a fantastic number of guests to our rehearsals. We have decided that Aureole will take a big step back on this one, becoming the facilitator and coordinator for a project involving as many singers from Jersey’s choirs as possible. The Aureole Choir was set up as a lockdown choir to keep people engaged in singing rather than a new choir competing for Jersey’s pool of singers. We want to promote all the other choirs and choral singing in general. We hope that this will be our final leg of the lockdown project, and plan to focus on smaller-scale charitable project-based work in the Autumn. We have extended the deadline for this project to the end of June to accommodate all our new guests and give them time to learn it, so there’s still time! The video filming began in earnest yesterday as we took our young soloist Jack out to Seymour Tower with the wonderful photographer and drone man Mike Ward. Some spectacular, breathtaking footage was captured. It was a bit breezy, and the drone did finish its hard work by a small crash into the tower, (oops!) but Mike remained stoic and carried on smiling. Our members are filming themselves singing the music in various places around the island that they associate with home. That will be in the sea for me.