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July Newsletter

Dear Friends, We may have stopped rehearsals for the summer holidays, but nobody is resting yet. We are about to release our next single and our two sixth form boys, Charlie Morgan and Harry Wood, are hard at work on the World War II Medley, to be released at a later date! We thank all our wonderful visitors from the choirs across Jersey, and hope sincerely that you are able to return to singing together in the Autumn in some way. We hope to push on towards our fundraising goal with new vigour as we are close to two thirds of the way there now. We are keen too, to hear from our friends and members how we might be able to contribute to the choral and musical life of Jersey with fundraising efforts and singing activities from the Autumn. We are closely monitoring the situation with choirs and Covid, and are engaging with the One Voice Campaign run by our colleague Sam Evans. We are keeping abreast of current research and how that might inform us about a safe return to singing and will lay out some of the concerns below 

The Road Home Release! 

The Road Home will be released on Tuesday, July 28th 2020 and we will send out the YouTube link etc then. It is a really beautiful track gorgeously produced by Nick Girard and Clare Bowskill. We were thrilled to invite members of the various choirs of Jersey to join us in this project and make it about coming together and working together. The video explores our relationships with ‘home’. We have spent a lot of time at home in recent months, but home is more than a location. It is our people, our community, what we do together. As we emerge from the restrictions of lockdown, we start to reconvene on sports fields, in pubs and restaurants, at book clubs, at churches. We are returning to our activities with caution, and singers are looking forwards with real hope for a return to singing together, even though they know and understand that large groups may not be permitted to sing together for a considerable time yet. We all await the outcomes of the various studies into singing and hope that safe ways to join together can be found. 

Looking Ahead : Covid-19

Visits from John Rutter & Roderick Williams Guidelines in Jersey continue to strongly discourage all singing for choirs, whether inside or outside, though we hope for better news when we move to Level 1 of the lockdown. There is a strong concern that singing is not a safe activity (based on two choirs through which an alarming spread of the virus was documented). Concerns are around droplet/aerosol transmission and also the depth of inhalation by groups of singers. The question of droplet and aerosol transmission is being investigated by Declan Costello et al in a study in the UK, and it is thought that the study will clarify whether singing truly can be any more dangerous than, say, loud talking or shouting. The study will not address the question of size of building /ventilation or of the question of inhalation, but we hope that it will go some way to clarify things scientifically for those making our guidelines so that they can be led by science rather than conjecture. We don’t know what the future will bring, but we are so heartened that SO many of you enjoy virtual singing – we will let you all know of any future plans in the Autumn.

World War II Medley

Charlie Morgan and Harry Wood are hard at work producing a video for our recording of the World War II medley. We look forward to seeing what they’ve come up with! 

Sponsorship and fundraising 

We are very grateful indeed to De Carteret Wealth who sponsored to get us over the line with Project 1. We are always looking for additional sponsorship; please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to help. We have raised over half of our target with our Just Giving page.

Information and Joining Us 

If you are interested in joining us please contact us at There are no rehearsals through the summer, but we will be very happy to keep in touch!