Aureole Music and the Aureole Choir is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of the children and young people who engage with our projects. We recognise that children have a fundamental right to be protected from harm and that pupils cannot learn effectively unless they feel secure. Any concerns from any participants will be listened to and acted upon. 

We are particularly concerned with safeguarding in our online rehearsals as we have set up as a virtual choir. We ask that members of the choir who are under 18 should attend online rehearsals with a responsible adult in the house, and with the door open so that the adult in the house can easily see and hear what is happening in the rehearsal. We ask that if a minor is attending rehearsals without a responsible adult in the room or participating with them, that they should inform us of the child’s age and give written consent to their participating in the choir and an assurance that they will be within earshot during rehearsals. All children under the age of 18 should have written consent by a parent or guardian to participate in the choir, and should sign to say that they have read and understand our safeguarding policy. Children must be accompanied by an adult when engaging in Aureole’s activities in real physical space, unless particular arrangements have been put in place by Aureole Music and agreed with parents first.

The designated safeguarding lead for the organisation is John Bowley, [email protected], and he should be contacted with any concerns or in the first instance of any question or of any disclosure unless he is the subject of a complaint or concern. If he cannot be contacted, then please contact [email protected]

All Directors and volunteers who come into regular contact with children and young people as a part of any of Aureole’s activities will be asked to provide references, and if supervising or teaching will need to supply a suitable DBS check.

Adults working regularly with young children should be aware of guidance on recognising abuse, and will be asked to show that they have up to date safeguarding training, or will be asked to undertake basic NSPCC training courses.

Photographs or video of children will not be published without written consent from parents or guardians, and any adult wishing to film or photograph events in which children and young people appear must identify themselves and undertake not to publish any material in which a child could be identified. Any concerns about the inappropriate use of images should be reported to the DSL John Bowley.

For our detailed safeguarding Policies please read to following pages;