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June Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Another scorcher of a week coming our way! With lockdown easing, and life heading to a new ‘normal’, there are some green shoots appearing in all sorts of areas of life… we are starting to look ahead with optimism as businesses and leisure activities begin to return to life.

There is, of course, a sharp focus by governments and scientists on the transmission of the virus, and fear still lurks of a dreaded second wave. However, on the whole, a pragmatic approach with a careful balance of risk management seems to be the way forward in most areas of life.

Rest assured, there is a concerted effort going on behind the scenes here in Jersey to try and bring about a coherent discussion with government, involving many of our musical and choral leaders, making sure that as the science and data begin to catch up with Covid-19, we can respond quickly and get people singing together safely as soon as possible. We think that good news will be out very soon on this. It has been wonderful to see a few choirs in the U.K. singing together now, albeit with some serious distancing going on, and we hope that if we remain with very few cases on the island, our choirs also may be able to meet, even if in very small groups/sectional rehearsals and with stringent safety precautions in place. 


For more information, please contact us at To join any of our rehearsals, these take place on Thursday evenings at 7 pm, until 9th July, when we stop for the summer break. 

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